Collection: Ancestral

All About Ancestral

Ancestral is a project committed to creating high-end, innovative and functional art whether by rescuing, restoring and transforming vintage furniture, or custom made, through ancestral art like hand painted, hand embroidered, waist or treadle loomed fabrics, mixed with other contrasting and even dissonant fabrics and colors, incorporating technology in the likes of augmented and virtual reality, creating unique, one-of-a-kind, immersive and eclectic, conversational pieces.

Ancestral’s main mission focuses on preserving ancestral and millennial art, by supporting master artisans from different cultures around the world, who are usually part of vulnerable socio-economic groups. This is done through fair trade and by providing them with opportunities to better their quality of life. Minimizing our footprint on the environment by rescuing, restoring, transforming and up-cycling vintage furniture. Minimizing waste and using eco-friendly materials are also a priority.

Our vision is to be a world renowned, innovative, furniture manufacturer with a unique voice that embellishes residential and commercial areas with an artistic, unique, innovative and special touch, providing excellent quality and service.

Our clients are unique and value high-end, one-of-a-kind, innovative art that is also functional for their daily lives, embellishing their day-to-day activities and spaces that represent their unique taste and values. They believe in the richness and the importance of preserving our ancestral and millennial cultures, techniques, and and art. Keeping them alive. As well as the preservation of our precious woods used in vintage furniture. They are conscious of the impact of their actions on the environment and are committed to minimizing their footprint. All while demanding excellence in quality and service.