Collection: Unique Acrylic Art Skins

Introducing our innovative product: Art by Mag Unique Acrylic Art Skins that can be used for resin projects, jewelry making, as a notebook cover, place mats, tabletop, countertops, collage artwork... Your creativity is the limit! 

These artistic marvels allow you to personalize any object or space in your home or office in a way that suits your style, mood, occasion, or location. Crafted by hand, each piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Our uncut Unique Acrylic Art Skins provide an amazing opportunity for a DIY project for those who crave the full creative experience. These skins are designed to withstand careful daily use while exuding an air of delicacy.

Created and cut by hand, and with lots of love, our Unique Acrylic Art Skins combine aesthetic appeal and practicality, offering you endless possibilities to showcase your individuality. Collect them all and tell us how you adorned and embellish your daily life with meaningful art that truly represents you.

If you’d like a custom order, please reach out to us at: we’re super excited to work along with you!

* Please note that the uncut skins measurements are approximate since they are done and cut by hand. It’s part of their unique charm!