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"La Isla Bonita 1" | 3 Unique Acrylic Art Skins for Case + Free Phone Case

"La Isla Bonita 1" | 3 Unique Acrylic Art Skins for Case + Free Phone Case

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Select iPhone Case with Pre-cut or uncut skin

Introducing our innovative product: Art by Mag Unique Acrylic Art Skins to fit your transparent phone case. These artistic marvels allow you to personalize your phone case on-the-go in a way that suits your style, mood, occasion, or location. Crafted by hand, each piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Our Art Skins come in two options: pre-cut to perfectly fit your phone case so you can start using them right away, or uncut, providing a DIY project for those who crave the full creative experience. These skins are designed to withstand careful daily use while exuding an air of delicacy.

Created and cut by hand, with lots of love, our Unique Acrylic Art Skins combine aesthetic appeal and practicality, offering you endless possibilities to showcase your individuality. Collect them all and change them daily or as often as you like, and embrace the joy of carrying a device adorned with meaningful art that truly represents you.

These art skins can be further customized with an initial of your choice, making your phone case even more special and reflective of your individuality... Check them out!

In this purchase you'll receive:
3 Unique Art by Mag Acrylic Art Skins (choose from cut or uncut - prices vary)
     - La Isla Bonita 1
     - Karma 1
     - Purple Rain 1
A Certificate of Authenticity
PLUS 1 Free Transparent phone case - Please specify your iPhone model. If your phone model is not listed, please contact us at: and we'll do all in our power to accommodate your needs.

* Please note that the uncut skins measurements are approximate. They are around 12x20 cm / 4.7 x 7.8 in

* The Pre-cut skins are done by hand. Embrace their uniqueness, it’s part of their charm!

*Check out the tutorial on our YouTube channel on how to cut and care of your Art by Mag Unique Acrylic Art Skin.

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